Dear Dave,

22 May

So…this is a new idea!  You are getting ready to deploy again soon.  During your last deployment I was not very good at writing you.  Mostly because I had two kids under the age of 2.  So, while you were in my thoughts and my prayers daily, I know you didn’t hear from me nearly enough.  I’m sorry about that.

This time I’m going to try to write to you several times a week…if not daily.  I guess sometimes the frequency of my letters will depend on how crazy things are around here at home.  I don’t know yet if I’ll have to print out and send all these letters to you or if you will have internet access and will just be able to log on to this blog and catch up on letters when you have time.  I guess we will see how that works out when you get there.

A few ground rules.  Since I’m doing this online I won’t use first names.  I’ll use middle names for most people…I’m sure you can figure those out!  Mom will be Mom, Dad will be Dad or Pops 🙂  Z. will be Little Miss Sassy Pants, P. will be Buddy and B. will be Hubby.  Your wife will be Melly or Tink 😉

You haven’t actually deployed yet…but that’s ok.  I figured I’d start writing now and when you do get there you’ll have plenty of reading material.

Ok, brother o’mine…that’s it for tonight.  It’s late and the kiddos will be up at the butt crack of dawn no matter how tired I am.  Love you.


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