May 25, 2011

25 May

Dear Dave,

Today I caught Buddy eating a leaf off of the bush in front of the house.  This week he also ate random berries off the mulberry tree in the back yard and his bath water (which he probably had peed in).  3 year old boys have zero common sense.  Come to think of it sometimes I wonder if 34 year old boys have any common sense.  Yesterday the Hubby took the kids outside and when I went to check on everyone I found Little Miss Sassy Pants tromping in the garden mud in her new Sunday shoes.  seriously???

oh man.  Huge tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma last night.  Today more bad weather is expected and our state is on high alert.  I’m trying hard to just rest in the Lord and find my peace in knowing that He can easily control the storm.  But still…I woke up with a killer headache this morning, and both kids have been hyper and bouncy today…not a good combination.

Tomorrow is Little Miss Sassy Pant’s preschool graduation.  It’s a bitter sweet sort of thing.  She cried again this morning about the fact that she won’t have school this summer.  I tried to explain to her that most kids are HAPPY to be out of school for the summer but she thought that was crazy.  lol…she’s a nutty one!

We rescued another turtle today.  The kids are obsessed.  While I’m driving Sassy Pants will ask every few minutes “Did you see a turtle, mom?”  About every time we drive somewhere we rescue one.  Those poor turtles.  It’s probably more like torture for them.

What have you guys been up to lately?  Anything fun?  Any big trips to awesome European countries?  Please do share!

Well, I guess that’s it for tonight.  Tomorrow I have to take Little Miss Sassy Pants to her preschool graduation practice (I’ll leave Buddy here with Hubby’s grandma), then take her to get her eyes checked.  Her eye doctor is worried that maybe her eyes are getting worse.  I pray they’re not.

Ok…I’ll leave you with a video that makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it!




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