May 26, 2011

27 May

Dear Dave,

I have to share this with you…it seriously made me laugh.

Guess what?  Again today my WHOLE sonic coke got spilled.  Only this time Little Miss Sassy Pants did it.  She wen’t downstairs to fetch a toy and I asked her to bring my coke up with her.  A few minutes later she comes up and announces that “something” poked a hole in my drink and the whole thing spilled out.  I’m guessing that “something” was a finger.  Maybe this is God telling me to stop drinking my beloved Sonic cherry vanilla cokes.  Or maybe it’s just that she’s 4.

I will probably finish this letter later tonight.  Tonight is Sassy’s preschool graduation.  I thought that maybe I’d try to add a few of her graduation pictures to this letter.  Plus…it’s kind of nuts trying to get us all bathed, fed and ready to go on time!

Ok…I’m back!  Graduation was fun, and it got late on me!  I did want to share a few pictures with you though!

First day of school!

Graduating from preschool tonight!

post graduation kisses

oh sheesh, these turned out big!

Ok brother, that’s it for tonight because it’s so late…I’ll write more soon!  Lalu.



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