May 5, 2011 (my love affair with a turtle)

05 Jun

(Click on the pictures to see the larger version)

Dear Dave,

Me and StinkyButt…we have a pretty good relationship.  I don’t know what it is about this little turtle, but I just adore him.  You are probably totally laughing at me right now…and I’m totally ok with that.  Hubby thinks I’m nuts.  I can tell you that not only does this turtle like me, but he’s got a little personality too.  Again, Hubby thinks thats nuts.

little Stinky Butt

Whenever I stop by his tank and tap gently on the wall he swims over to listen to me talk to him.  I would chalk it up to the fact that I’m usually the one that feeds him but I don’t think that’s the case.  The kids feed him sometimes too but he almost always hides from them.  Of course they are loud and bouncy and almost break his tank at least 10 times a day.  But when he hears my voice he comes out of hiding.


Weird or not…me and this little guy have a bond 🙂  So what do you think?  Do you think it’s possible to have an affectionate bond with a turtle?  lol

Little Miss Sassy Pants got new lenses in her glasses. (Her lazy eye isn’t worse, but her vision is worse).  I took a picture because I thought I could show you how they magnify her eyes making them look huge.  It reminds me a lot of our sister Jean as a kid.  Do you remember her pink glasses that made her eyes look like the size of dinner plates?  I don’t think this picture of Sassy Pants conveys the exaggeration of her eyes very well, but at least you can sort of see what I am talking about.

Little Miss Sassy Pant's new lenses

I thought I should also include a picture of Buddy…of course he’s always adorable. He’s been doing awesome with the potty training.  Today at church he had an accident so his teacher came to get me to help clean him up.  While I was cleaning him up I asked him why he didn’t tell his teacher that he had to go potty.  He tried to explain himself to me, and from what I could understand they were outside playing and he decided just to pee outside (we live in the country and this is usually acceptable) but of course couldn’t get the snaps off his shorts by himself so he didn’t make it to a tree or bush in time.  lol…at least he tried, right?


I have something funny to share with you.  The other day the 4 of us headed out to a park…and when we got there we realized that there was some kind of function going on.  Since our park plans didn’t work out we drove around for awhile trying to figure out what to do.  For some reason the kids have this fascination with Cemeteries.  As we were driving by one I thought it might be a good chance to satisfy their curiosity.  When I asked them if they wanted to go explore the cemetery they started yelling “Yeah!  Yippee!” and got all excited.  After it quieted down Sassy Pant’s little voice piped up and I heard her ask “Are we going to dig people up???”  Oh my goodness, we got such a good laugh out of that.  I really don’t know where she gets half the stuff she says.  The exploring went well…it was a good chance to talk about manners in a cemetery (no screaming, no jumping on, standing on or climbing on the stones), and it gave us a good chance to talk about death, salvation and heaven with Sassy Pant’s.  I’m telling you…she is SMART and she asks questions that you wouldn’t expect from a 4 year old.  I try hard not to patronize her and to answer her questions truthfully even if my answers are a bit edited for her age.

It’ was 98 degrees here today.  I don’t know what the humidity levels were but it felt like 150%.  It is so hot and muggy.  I will NOT miss this about living in the south.

I made Gumbo for dinner tonight!  I started with a Roux made out of butter and flour (that part was ok, but I think I’ll try oil instead of butter next time) then of course you saute’ the onions, celery, green pepper and okra together.  Add your spices, chicken broth, meat (chicken and sausage), add the Roux and cook until thick and then serve it over rice.  It turned out pretty good…of course if I had the ability to actually follow a recipe instead of doing my own thing it might have been better.  Now I have a project.  I have to make it until I get it perfect.  I love writing my own recipes…sometimes it’s trial and error though.

ok, brother of mine….hubby is putting away clean laundry and I feel guilty for sitting on my butt while he works, so I better go help.  I love you.  I miss you.




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