June 12, 2011

12 Jun

Dear Dave,

(Click on the photo’s to see the large version).

It’s been awhile since I’ve written…things tend to get kind of wild around here and then I realize all of a sudden that I owe you a letter.  This weekend we had two kid birthday parties to go to on Saturday.  The first one was for a boy that was in Little Miss Sassy Pant’s preschool class.  It was at the local mini-golf course and it was so stinking hot outside!  My thermometer said it was 103 degrees.  We were there for several hours and were already wiped out by the time it was over.  Then, in between parties, we headed to Walmart to get a few things and then to GoodWill.  After that we headed to another party (a friend’s little girl turned 1) and finally by about 5pm we were home.  Buddy actually fell asleep right as we were turning him in the driveway.  I would have just let him go to bed, but he was SO dirty…sunblock, sweat, face painting, cake and ice cream…he REALLY needed a bath.  So I woke him up and got him in the tub.  I told him to lay down and get his hair wet, and this is what happened:

totally sound asleep

I’m not joking…he totally and completely passed out.  I actually got a video of how hard it was to wake him up and if I ever figure out how to upload it I’ll post it here for you to see!

this was AFTER I tried to wake him up...

Poor kid, he was so tired.

Today me and Sassy Pants and my mother in law went shopping at Kohl’s while all the boys stayed home and napped.  It could have been really fun…except Sassy Pants was in a Mood.  She’s been hyper and crazy and just down right annoying.  I love her, I really do, but she can be so obnoxious sometimes.  I discovered tonight that the kitchen sink sprayer can be a wonderful way to vent my frustration with her hyper behavior.  Plus, I made her clean up the water after I sprayed her so she had something useful to do besides running around the house and screaming like a wild monkey.  You probably think I am exaggerating.  Trust me, I’m not.  She’s really nuts sometimes.

I have some more pictures of Stinky Butt to share with you.  I love this little turtle!


I'm hiding! You can't see me!

lol, crazy, I know.  I hope we can take him with us to Colorado.

Speaking fo Colorado.  Keep praying for us.  We still have no idea where we will live.  We thought Hubby was going to be able to go out for a week and work and look for housing, but things have come up with work for him that makes it look like he may not be able to do that.  I’m working hard at Trusting and not worrying, and I think I’m doing pretty good, but every once in awhile it sneaks back up on me.  I know the Lord is in control.

Hubby and I are watching Fringe right now…we are only in the middle of the first season, but we are both really liking it right now.  I’ve loved having Netflix.  Most of what we get ends up being kids movies, but since we get several at a time I try to have one that is for us.  I almost wrote that I try to keep an “adult” movie around the house…lol, then I realized what THAT would sound like. ha ha.  Our worship pastor was telling us a story the other night about how they had a bunch of people over a few years ago to watch The Passion.  Of course it’s not appropriate for kids so they sent their kids over to a neighbors house.  The Neighbor noticed all the cars parked outside and asked our worship pastor’s daughter what was going on.  She replied “Oh, mom and dad want to know if I can hang out here for awhile because they are having friends over for adult movie night.”  lol,

I’m really really excited about our family vacation.  Only 9 days until you and Melly fly in!  woot woot.  We’re gonna have fun!  I’m excited about having all the cousins together….I think between us girls we have a whole bunch of matching outfits for the kids! lol…there will be lots of picture taking.

ok, I’m heading out for now…I’ve got another Fringe episode to watch before I go to bed 🙂  Love you.  See you soon!



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