August 1, 2011 (where the heck did July go???)

01 Aug

Oh my.  So much has happened.  You have been on my mind a lot and I keep saying to myself “I need to write Dave and fill him in on everything.” but then I get distracted with the craziness of life.  I’m sorry you haven’t gotten very many letters from me lately.  Hopefully things will settle down soon and you will hear from me much more frequently.

Well, we are here in Minnesota.  St. Paul to be exact.  Hubby’s new company is providing a month of temporary housing while we look for a place to live.  Right now we are in a two bedroom furnished apartment…it’s really nice too!  The sliding glass door opens up to a big court yard that is fenced in.  It’s solid concrete out there but still a great place for the kids to run and play.  We are located literally 5 minutes from Hubby’s office and 5 minutes from the Minneapolis airport.  It’s a good temporary location, although I don’t know that I’d want to be here specifically long term.  It’s a little too small for us and we need a place that has some room for the kids to spread out.  We are also looking for a place that will let us have the Dog!  We love love LOVE St. Paul where Uncle D. and Aunt M. live….such an awesome area,  but it’s much more city than where we lived before and a lot of places either don’t want dogs or want little dogs.

We did find one PERFECT place…it reminded me a lot of our apartment in Boston.  It was a 3 bedroom place on the top floor of an old house…the only thing was too expensive.  Keep praying for the perfect home for us…I know it’s out there somewhere!  The Lord has lined up everything else for us…I know He’s got this covered too.

Ok, Buddy has been playing kickball with his Papaw for the last hour and is dripping wet with sweat so I need to get him in the bath before he passes out…he’s so tired from all that running!  I’ll finish this letter in a bit…



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One response to “August 1, 2011 (where the heck did July go???)

  1. The Concierge Queen

    August 1, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    It seems like once you make it alf way through July it’s all a blur until Christmas!



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