August 5, 2001 ~ life is a journey

05 Aug

Dearest Brother of Mine,

Well, life never turns out like we plan it, does it?  I was so excited to move here and be near Grandma and now she’s had the stroke.  She’s really really not doing well and I would expect her to pass in the next few days.  It has been really hard to be here, but really good too.  She has continued to have strokes (or so the doctors think) and is unresponsive to us.  Last night I crawled in her bed with her and while I held her hand and stroked her hair and told her that I love her.  Me and Mom and our sister Anne talked to her and re-lived some good memories.  I don’t know how much she heard or understood but I hope it comforted her to be hugged on and talked to.

I am so thankful that she knows Jesus.  I am so thankful that we know Jesus.  Life is hard and death and grief are ugly but our Hope is in Jesus.  We have the ability to look forward to seeing her again someday!  I’m thankful for that.  Grandma has grieved so hard for Grandpa…and she’s been in so much pain the last few years.  I rejoice that soon she will be able to dance and sing again 🙂  Hard, but good too.

I think we have found a house to rent here in St. Paul!  It’s a beautiful little bungalow style house.  It’s small but has 3 bedrooms with one of the bedrooms being a large one upstairs that would work perfect as a bedroom/playroom for the kids!  Lots of space for them to spread out 🙂  It also has an extra finished family room with a wood burning fire place down in the basement.  There is a fenced in yard for the kids and dog and it’s 1/2 a block from the elementary school that Little Miss Sassy Pants would go to!  We turned in our rental applications yesterday and are just waiting to hear if we got the house or not.  I’m praying that if it’s the right one then the Lord will open the door for us.

Where we are staying in temporary housing is nice, but kind of small for us…plus we don’t have hardly any of our stuff so the kids are getting easily bored.  The thing that saves us here is that there is a huge courtyard outside that they can play in.  I’ve promised Buddy that after we shower here in a bit I’ll take him out to the courtyard to play kick ball.  oh the joys 🙂

Alright brother, I’ll leave you with a few pictures.  I love you and miss you and am praying for you!



puddle jumping in the courtyard


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One response to “August 5, 2001 ~ life is a journey

  1. The Concierge Queen

    August 9, 2011 at 11:51 am

    So great! You’re all in my thoughts and prayers…sending love, blessings and hope that he can come safely and soon!



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