August 19, 2011

19 Aug

Hey Dave,

How are you?  Things are going ok here.  Hubby just got back late last night from his first work trip with his new job.  He seemed to have a good time and I think he really enjoys the people that he works with.  What a blessing that is!

I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I have written to you.  Once again life got kind of busy.  Grandma’s funeral was beautiful.  And sad.  We didn’t let the kids go to the viewing…I’m just not sure that either of them are old enough for that yet.  We did, however, let them go to the graveside for the burial with us.  Little Miss Sassy Pants was super sweet.  She sobbed and wailed when she realized that Grandma was being buried and through her sobs she was saying (loudly) “Goodbye Grandma Grothe!  I’ll miss you!!”.  It was pretty heart breaking.  My instinct was to shush her but I decided not to.  Her expression of grief was so heart felt and honest.  Really, if we are honest with ourselves, she was expressing herself and her grief exactly how some of the rest of us wish we could have.  I am tearing up now as I write this, just remembering it.

Little Miss Sassy Pants

Mom and Dad are still down at Grandma’s.  I think they are helping go through all of her stuff.  I haven’t talked to them since the funeral.  Since Hubby was leaving for the week on Monday morning, I packed Buddy and Sassy Pants up in the van and headed out to our sister Anne’s house for the week.  It’s only about a 3 hour drive, which is totally doable!  It would have been awesome, but poor little S. Mae got sick and started throwing up just a few hours after we got there.  I felt so bad for her.  She didn’t get to play with the other kids and you could tell that she felt awful.  I was going to stay until Thursday, but on Wed. me and the kids headed back here.  By then I figured my kids are exposed and we can’t prevent them from catching it, but I do have meds here at “home” and wanted to get back before the possibility of having kids sick and throwing up in the car.

Yesterday and today Buddy is acting like he might be getting it (or at least the fever part).  He didn’t actually have a fever when I checked this morning, but he’s been super crabby and whiny.  That usually is a sign that he’s not feeling good.  So I gave him a bath, gave him some tylenol, cuddled him for awhile and put him down for a nap.  We’ll see how he’s feeling when he wakes up.

my sweet little Buddy

I don’t think I’ve shared pics of Sassy Pants’ birthday yet!  We sort of had a mini party with our sisters Anne and Jean when they were here and then on the eve of her birthday we took her to the Mall of America to ride the rides!  Oh.My.Goodness. did she ever love that.

they do everything together.

on the Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel Fun

she was SO excited when she saw this!

and this!

Little Miss Sassy Pants will readily tell you that the Roller Coaster is her FAVORITE ride!  She’s a little daredevil at heart 😀  This next picture totally cracks me up…it’s hard to tell, but if you click on it to view the full size pic you might just be able to see the look of total and complete terror on Buddy’s face!  He did NOT like the log ride.  While Sassy, on the other hand, had the time of her life!

terror and delight

birthday girl

I guess that’s about all I have to tell you for now.  My day today will consist of laundry and holding a sick boy.  Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find time to do a load of dishes too 🙂  We hope to be able to move into our house next week…IF we can get the moving company to bring our stuff by then.  I also have an appointment next week to register Sassy Pants for school.  She’s gonna love it.  Ok, I have a few more pictures that I’ll leave you with.  Love and miss you so much brother.  Stay safe.


little L. Truth. Such a happy baby!

Northern wetlands

Scary Monster!

Peanut snuggles a sick Buddy

brave boy

S. David 😀

daredevil Sassy Pants


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