Friday, September 2, 2011

02 Sep

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Well, Brother of mine…how are you?  I haven’t heard from you at all, but I didn’t really expect to…I know the time that you have to contact people is pretty limited.

Things are going pretty good here.  We are in our house!  It’s a tiny, older house in St. Paul and I love it!  I think Hubby is frustrated with the fact that I love it (ha) but it’s going to be cozy and great.  I’ve always said I wanted a small cottage type house and I finally got it!  When you walk in there is a small living room and then there are two little bedrooms, a bathroom and a postage stamp sized kitchen.  When you go upstairs the kids are sharing a big attic bedroom…it’s perfect for them!  Downstairs is a finished family room with a fire place, a big laundry room, a bathroom with a shower and then a storage room.  We also have a small fenced in yard and a garage in the back.  Really, it’s perfect for us.

eating at the little fold up table in the kitchen

Little Miss Sassy Pants’ school is just 1/2 a block away!  Last night we walked down for the Kindergarten open house.  We got to meet her teacher and see her classroom and show Sassy Pants where she’ll eat breakfast and lunch.  She is so very excited about going to school.  Poor Buddy.  I don’t know if he’s figured out yet that he’s going to be left behind this year.  Because of the way their birthday’s fall they will be 2 years apart in school even though they are only 18 months apart in age.

silly boy

Hubby is liking work a lot.  I think it’s really helped that while he changed jobs he hasn’t really changed industries.  He knows his way around this type of company and he feels useful.  That’s a good thing.  I’ve prayed a lot for his work life…that he would enjoy what he does and that he would do it well.  The Lord really has taken care of us.

We’ve made a couple of trips down to Grandma’s house…we got some of her furniture so we had to make a couple of trips to pick it up.  It’s been hard to be there knowing she is gone.  I so badly wanted some more time with her.

spunky Grandma!

Let’s see…what else can I tell you?  I have so much unpacking to do.  Boxes are piled sky high and the house is a total disaster.  I haven’t been feeling good lately.  My lyme has acted up at bit but I think I’ve also just been sick (sore throat, fever etc).  Right now Buddy and Sassy Pants are supposed to be putting toys away in their room but I can hear screaming, laughing and thumping around (actually it sounds like a herd of elephants are having a wrestling match upstairs).  I should probably go upstairs and see what’s going on.

I guess that’s about it for now.  I know this wasn’t very long…but now that we are in the house and I have internet I can write more often 🙂  Love you so much..I’ll leave you with some pictures 🙂



dinner at Ikea (Sassy Pants LOVES their meatballs)

Uggs, undies and the t-shirt. Fashion Statement?

look what I found in a box!!

at the park

Little Miss Sassy Pants




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