Sept. 8, 2011

08 Sep

Dear Dave,

(click on photo to see large version)

I’ve been trying to write to you all morning but it’s been one of those days where every 30 seconds one of the kids has a tragedy.  I finally banished Buddy to the back yard because he was being so wild in the house.  But of course it’s not that simple.  Once he is outside he discovers he’s hungry.  And he’s thirsty.  And he wants to water the tomato plants.  And now I need to wash the tomatoes so he can eat them.  And then I have to wash them all again because he dropped them.  Oh, and by the way, this is all in about 5 minutes time.    We’ll see if the kids actually let me write to you at all.

We are working on getting settled in the house.  I forgot how the mess gets way worse before it gets better!

I hate unpacking.

Yesterday me and the kids set out for a walk.  We live really close to Como park and the free Zoo and Conservatory.  I didn’t know if it would be too far of a walk for the kids so I didn’t tell them that’s where we were headed, but it was so nice outside.  I figured it was the perfect day for a little exploring.  The zoo is about 3/4 of a mile away.  And guess what?  The kids did awesome!  Once they realized where we were they got so excited.

at the zoo

I’ve heard that it gets really packed on the weekends (because it’s free) and Little Miss Sassy Pants starts school next Monday so I knew we didn’t have much more time to check it out.  It wasn’t too crowded and the kids had a blast.

in the Conservatory

The Conservatory might have even been better than the zoo.  The kids LOVED the jungle room and there were lots of different types of gardens.  They even had one garden that was full of edibles like cinnamon trees and banana trees.

misty Fern room


flower garden

they loved running up and down the paths in the jungle room

Polar Bear!

curly hair


she's either grinning at us or she thinks we are lunch...

As we’ve been unpacking I’ve come across a lot of old pictures that have been in storage.  I thought you might like to see some of them 🙂

I love this picture

sweet Jake!

We only live about half a mile from the state fair grounds…so last weekend we went to the fair!  I think it would have been fun if there hadn’t been so many people there…we spent the whole time pushing ourselves through the crowd.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures but I did get this one of Buddy asleep in his stroller 🙂

asleep at the fair

We took a bike taxi home from the fair.

He also fell asleep while we were at Ikea buying the kids bunk beds…

poor kiddo!

bunk beds!


well, I can promise you that I’ve been interrupted no less than 27 times while writing this little note to you.  I need to get going but I will write again soon.  I love you.  I miss you.




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