October 3, 2011

03 Oct

Dear Dave,

Well, today I am home with two sick kids.  Yesterday (Sunday) both kids came down with fevers and colds.  I’m keeping Little Miss Sassy Pants home from school today…and she’s not real happy about that.  Their fevers are not real high but they’re both coughing and complaining of headaches so I figured we shouldn’t pass it on to every other kid at school.

poor sick Buddy

Peanut snuggling with a sick Sassy Pants.

Hubby worked so hard yesterday!  The basement has been our sort of collect all place.  All the unpacked boxes, as well as stuff that we didn’t have a place for has just sort of been collecting down there…and it was a huge mess!  Well, Mom and Dad are coming sometime this month to visit and we really have been needing to get the basement set up so that they can stay down there.  I wish I had taken a before picture because then you would have been truly impressed….but to be perfectly honest I didn’t realize he was cleaning until he was about halfway done!

The living room side of the basement

The guest room side of the basement.

oh, I forgot that there are a lot of pictures I hadn’t shared with you yet!  I finally uploaded Buddy’s soccer pictures.  I also uploaded our pictures from the Renaissance Festival!  The kids did the Bungee Bouncing and even got to ride an elephant 🙂

Handsome little soccer player


of course Little Miss Sassy Pants loved the animals

Riding the Elephant (with some friends)!

Turning in his ticket for the Bungee Bouncing...


Sassy Pants LOVED it!!

so high!!

sweet Buddy

just a bonus picture of Peanut

handsome little boy

Turkey leg!!

ok brother…the sick kiddos are getting whiny and fussy so I’ve got to run.  I know this wasn’t a long letter but I did want to get these pictures up for you to see.  I am praying for you and missing you.  Love you much.



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