October 5, 2011

05 Oct

Dear Dave,

Well, everyone is still sick here.  We had the kids back at the urgent care clinic last night after Hubby got home from work.  This is the second night in a row that we’ve ended up there.  Little Miss Sassy Pants has a bad case of croup.  The dr. said that she could see the narrowing in her throat on the x-ray.  And Buddy has pneumonia.  The poor little guy is so sick.  He’s driving me crazy too.  I don’t know if it’s from the breathing treatments (steroids) or just from being cooped up for 4 days.  He’s been wild and crazy and naughty all day long…jumping off furniture and running around like a crazy person.  He has seriously tried my patience today!

Little Miss Sassy Pants is currently drawing a picture for you.  Since we can’t send you anything in the mail yet I told her I could take a picture of it and then we could put it up on this blog for you to see 🙂

According to Little Miss Sassy Pants: a pirate ship, some ducks, a red bird and a bird carrying a giant worm.

And here are pictures of the kids after the chest x-rays and finger sticks.  Buddy is the sicker, but also the braver one.

poor little Sassy Pants

Ok, I’m sure there’s more to tell you but Ive got some needy kids and a pot of coffee calling my name.  I miss you.



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