January 4, 2012

04 Jan

Hello brother 🙂

How are you?  I know…it’s been too long since my last letter.  I’m sorry I’m not a great communicator.  Mom said that you got my package…do you think you’ll like the books?  I read that trilogy a few years ago and really loved it. I actually bought you the three books and then went out and bought copies for myself.  There is a second trilogy in the story line too so if you really like the books maybe I can send those in your next package.  Let me know what you think? )

How was your Christmas?  Did you get a lot of packages sent to you?  You know we all went to our sister Anne’s house for Christmas right?  It was a wild, but fun few days. We had already left the house and were on our way to Anne’s house when our sister Jean called and wanted to know if we had left yet.  She said that two of the kids were throwing up and we might not want to come that night.  We decided to go ahead and get there (since we were already half way there) and that we would stay in a hotel for the night.  So we did.  By the time we got to Anne’s house the next day the kids were done being sick and she had already disinfected everything.  Neither of our kids got sick 🙂  It was fun to all be together but we really missed you and Mel.  We did a lot of cooking, a lot of eating and a lot of taking care of kids 🙂

Today was Little Miss Sassy Pant’s first day back to school.  She was READY.  I was READY.  I love her dearly, but school is such a good channel for her energy and intelligence.  Do you know that yesterday she said to me “Mom, when I grow up I’ll be an astronaut and I’ll go to space every Tuesday.”  ha ha.  She totally makes me laugh.  Buddy is doing good too.  Next time we see you, you will have a Wii buddy!  He’s figured it all out and is super good at the sports games!  Let me just tell you, it may not be possible to beat him in sword fighting.  He has a real birthday this year!  I don’t know what we’ll do but we’ll have to have some sort of big birthday bash on the 29th.

Me and Hubby are doing good.  Work is keeping him busy, but at this new job there is a whole team of people that do what he does instead of just him.  So the stress is not nearly what it was at the other company.  I love that for him!  I am personally not enjoying the Minnesota winter.  But I shouldn’t complain…we’ve only had a few inches of snow this year (knock on wood)…maybe a dozen or so compared to the 50 (or whatever it was) last year.  I’ve got my space heater going and I wear my sheepskin boots all day long!  lol

I’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot these days.  I guess all the time indoors lends itself to some sort of creative outlet and those ones won.  I’ve been making mittens and scarfs and hats.  I have Anne’s baby blanket that I’m working on and also one for my sister in law.  Those two projects will take me a bit longer.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now.  Buddy decided that we needed to have Chili for dinner so I’ve got that going and should probably think about showering and having some lunch before it’s time to pick Sassy Pant’s up from school.  I love you!  I miss you!

Praying for you today…


(click on the pictures to see the larger version)

Hubby and Buddy


This one is just for you!

happy pup!

ha ha ha!

new boots for Christmas!

cousin picture

Christmas outfits

obviously Buddy has a stinky attitude...

pretty Little Miss Sassy Pants

the "Puddle" (huddle) as Buddy calls it...

reading the Christmas story

Buddy got a too-big big wheel

someday I will use this picture to blackmail him for good behavior.

Daddy has more fun than Buddy

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