07 May
The Old Mill

Hello Brother of mine 🙂

So lately I’ve been checking out some photography web sites.  I love love love my camera and I didn’t use it for awhile because during the whole moving process it was too hard to think of that while getting settled.  Lately I’ve started playing with it again.  I’m such a visual learner…really I need to just take a photography class.  And the more pictures I look at the more I realize that as much as I love beautiful landscapes it’s really pictures of people that are my favorites.  Anyway, I thought that I’d put up some of my favorite pics that I’ve taken (some recent, some old)… (I think you can click for the full size pics).

I like to call this “The Leap”.
The Landing
Little Miss Sassy Pants!
baby Buddy
one of my favorites of the two of you…

StinkyButt sure was a fun little turtle…
waiting for Sissy to get home…
OLD picture I took of Hubby
Hubby again
ok, last one of him and his bass 🙂
Have you seen these pics of Lulu?
by far my favorite pic of Lulu 🙂
little L.Truth
Muddy Buddy 😉
Wedding Day

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