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The Old Mill

Hello Brother of mine ūüôā

So lately I’ve been checking out some photography web sites.¬† I love love love my camera and I didn’t use it for awhile because during the whole moving process it was too hard to think of that while getting settled.¬† Lately I’ve started playing with it again.¬† I’m such a visual learner…really I need to just take a photography class.¬† And the more pictures I look at the more I realize that as much as I love beautiful landscapes it’s really pictures of people that are my favorites.¬† Anyway, I thought that I’d put up some of my favorite pics that I’ve taken (some recent, some old)… (I think you can click for the full size pics).

I like to call this “The Leap”.
The Landing
Little Miss Sassy Pants!
baby Buddy
one of my favorites of the two of you…

StinkyButt sure was a fun little turtle…
waiting for Sissy to get home…
OLD picture I took of Hubby
Hubby again
ok, last one of him and his bass ūüôā
Have you seen these pics of Lulu?
by far my favorite pic of Lulu ūüôā
little L.Truth
Muddy Buddy ūüėČ
Wedding Day

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October 23, 2011

Hey Brother!

It was so good to hear your voice tonight! ¬†We got cut off after just about 3 minutes, but it was still awesome to hear your voice ūüôā ¬†I miss you and I think about you and pray for you a lot.

Things are going ok here. ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants had 3 days off of school this week…a sort of fall break. ¬†I really love that girl, but I am so ready for her to go back to school! ¬†She gets so wound up when she doesn’t have school as an outlet. ¬†And of course Buddy just follows along in her footsteps. ¬†It’s a bad case of “Monkey See, Monkey Do”.

The weather has started to turn cold…leaves have almost all fallen and it’s hat and jacket weather. ¬†I don’t think I would mind except that I know the winter is going to be LONG! ¬†I have a feeling I am going to hole up in the house a lot. ¬†Not much is on my agenda this week…maybe a batch of cookies or two….a little hanging out with Buddy ūüôā

I haven’t been feeling very good lately. ¬†Not terrible like when my Lyme was bad, but not good either. ¬†I took a break from my meds over the move and am finally back on my routine. ¬†Of course it always makes me feel bad in the beginning. ¬†I have another new med to start but I’ve been procrastinating because it always makes me sick when I start a new one. ¬†I hate all the side effects. ¬†I’m working on it though. ¬†I’m going to try to start it this week…I may just have to be ok with laying low for a bit.

One of my new friends here thinks that she might have Lyme! ¬†She’s had a lot of health problems (similar to mine) over the last few years and when I showed her the list of Lyme symptoms she was blown away! ¬†I’m working on finding her a good doctor in state. ¬†Maybe we can buddy up for appointments. ¬†I hate this illness…but if I can help one other person walk through it then it will all have been a little more worth it.

I found a great little local tea shop! ¬†Remember how in Boston we used to go to the tea shop in Harvard Square? ¬†I’ve missed that! ¬†Right now I’m sitting here with a cup of hot tea and my knitting while I have an episode of Stargate: Atlantis on netflix. ¬†Kids are in bed and Hubby is at Target (shopping for boy things I guess).

We tried a new church this morning. ¬†We both liked the music a lot, but there was a girl (woman?) that preached…and while she had some really good things to say, I don’t know how the two of us feel about that. ¬†Not %100 comfortable I guess. ¬†I’m so tired of church hunting. ¬†I just want to find a great church and finally have a place to get involved. ¬†On to another one next week I guess.

Well brother, I guess that’s about it. ¬†I miss you. ¬†I know I tell you that I think about you and pray for you a lot. ¬†You are loved.



(click on the pictures to see larger versions)

Kitty love

kitty snuggles

trip to the zoo with some neighbor kids

at the Conservatory

Little Miss Sassy Pants


at the Zoo




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October 5, 2011

Dear Dave,

Well, everyone is still sick here. ¬†We had the kids back at the urgent care clinic last night after Hubby got home from work. ¬†This is the second night in a row that we’ve ended up there. ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants has a bad case of croup. ¬†The dr. said that she could see the narrowing in her throat on the x-ray. ¬†And Buddy has pneumonia. ¬†The poor little guy is so sick. ¬†He’s driving me crazy too. ¬†I don’t know if it’s from the breathing treatments (steroids) or just from being cooped up for 4 days. ¬†He’s been wild and crazy and naughty all day long…jumping off furniture and running around like a crazy person. ¬†He has seriously tried my patience today!

Little Miss Sassy Pants is currently drawing a picture for you. ¬†Since we can’t send you anything in the mail yet I told her I could take a picture of it and then we could put it up on this blog for you to see ūüôā

According to Little Miss Sassy Pants: a pirate ship, some ducks, a red bird and a bird carrying a giant worm.

And here are pictures of the kids after the chest x-rays and finger sticks.  Buddy is the sicker, but also the braver one.

poor little Sassy Pants

Ok, I’m sure there’s more to tell you but Ive got some needy kids and a pot of coffee calling my name. ¬†I miss you.



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May 26, 2011

Dear Dave,

I have to share this with you…it seriously made me laugh.

Guess what? ¬†Again today my WHOLE sonic coke got spilled. ¬†Only this time Little Miss Sassy Pants did it. ¬†She wen’t downstairs to fetch a toy and I asked her to bring my coke up with her. ¬†A few minutes later she comes up and announces that “something” poked a hole in my drink and the whole thing spilled out. ¬†I’m guessing that “something” was a finger. ¬†Maybe this is God telling me to stop drinking my beloved Sonic cherry vanilla cokes. ¬†Or maybe it’s just that she’s 4.

I will probably finish this letter later tonight. ¬†Tonight is Sassy’s preschool graduation. ¬†I thought that maybe I’d try to add a few of her graduation pictures to this letter. ¬†Plus…it’s kind of nuts trying to get us all bathed, fed and ready to go on time!

Ok…I’m back! ¬†Graduation was fun, and it got late on me! ¬†I did want to share a few pictures with you though!

First day of school!

Graduating from preschool tonight!

post graduation kisses

oh sheesh, these turned out big!

Ok brother, that’s it for tonight because it’s so late…I’ll write more soon! ¬†Lalu.



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May 24, 2011

Dear Dave,

Yo Bro…what’s shakin’? ¬†lol, I like saying that. ¬†I am not having a very good day today. ¬†First thing this morning I had to take Little Miss Sassy Pants to practice for preschool graduation (which is on Thursday). ¬†She did great, of course. ¬†(We all know I have a genius and talented child ūüėČ ) ¬†But once we got back in the car she started putting two and two together and she realized that graduation means that she will no longer be in preschool…which, in turn, means that she will no longer have Miss C. as her teacher. ¬†As you can imagine, there was a lot of sobbing. ¬†She sobbed all the way to Walgreens where we were going to pick up a picture that we ordered to frame for Miss C’s gift. ¬†She sobbed all through picking out Miss C’s card and gift bag and candy. ¬†She sobbed all through checking out and even treated the cashier to the whole story about how she’s crying because she’s so sad that Miss C. will no longer be her teacher. ¬†She then asked the cashier if she too cried when she graduated preschool and missed her teacher. ¬†Oh my poor heart…it was breaking right along side hers.

On the way home I cheered her up by stopping to buy a flat of strawberries (I think it’s about a gallon)…both of the kids are addicted to strawberries. ¬†I also cheered her up by putting “happy” music on for her in the car. ¬†The happy music of the day was Harry Nilsson’s ¬†Coconut song. ¬†She told me that it cheered her up until she was just a little sad, and not sad enough to cry.

Do YOU need cheering up today?

So let’s see…what happened after that? ¬†Oh…I came home to realize that while I left Buddy with Hubby’s Memaw (Grandma) he walked all through the trees down by the driveway that have poison ivy around them. ¬†I’ve been spraying that stuff for years but I can’t ever seem to get it all to die. ¬†Of course I got him in the bathtub and scrubbed him down but hadn’t realized there was poison ivy out there so if he¬†actually¬†got in any it had already been on his skin for an hour or more. ¬†How long does poison ivy take to start itching and rashing up?

THEN I spilled my WHOLE large Sonic Cherry Vanilla coke! ¬†The WHOLE THING! ¬†I don’t buy cokes all that often so they are kind of a special treat when I do. ¬†And I was really enjoying it! ¬†I’m so sad about that coke that I might just get in the car and drive the 15 minutes to Sonic to get another one. ¬†Does that make me pathetic?

I was talking to our sister Anne about my day and she told me to read Proverbs 15. ¬†Proverbs 15:1 “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” ¬†That chapter is full of gems!

Little Miss Sassy Pants and I rescued another turtle from the road today. ¬†It’s become our mission in life to rescue turtles. ¬†This is probably all kinds of illegal but we have started marking their shells with a little finger nail polish before we set them free. ¬†That way if we ever see them again we will know it’s one of the ones we rescued! ¬†Right now we have a baby alligator snapping turtle in our 40 gallon aquarium. ¬†We found him on the road and he was pretty beat up. ¬†So we rescued him and are fattening him up and keeping him as a short term pet. ¬†Eventually he’ll be set free again, but for now the kids have named him Snowball Stinky Butt Rock Shell. ¬†Buddy calls him Stinky Butt and Sassy calls him Snowball. ¬†I would have taken a picture of this turtle that we rescued today to show you but he escaped the basket that the kids put him in while we were eating lunch. ¬†Smart Turtle. ¬†Here is a picture of one of the ones we rescued a few weeks ago…

pretty turtle!

I have a few more pictures to share with you.  This first one is of Buddy practicing his floating in the bath tub last night.  Do you like the wild man hair?

my little wild man

this next picture is of Little Miss Sassy Pants holding Beans before she went to her new home last night. ¬†If you look at Sassy’s face you can tell she’s been crying.

saying good bye to Beans

and this last picture…well, it’s just because I found it online and I love it. ¬†And you have to come home safely so you can take me here again!!!

Ok…I guess that’s about it for now. ¬†it’s only 2:30 but I should probably actually try to get something done while the kids are sleeping! ¬†Love you so much.


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May 23, 2011

Dear Dave,

Well, it’s Monday morning. ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants is at school and right now Buddy and I are drinking our morning coffee and watching cartoons. ¬†The big news for today is that one of our four kitty babies is getting a new home. ¬†Little Beans is going to be the birthday present for a 13 year old girl…her mother is coming to pick her up this afternoon. ¬†I am a little worried about Sassy Pants. ¬†She’s already had one good crying jag over Beans and I’m afraid there will be lots of tears and sadness today.

Have I told you that we are potty training Buddy? ¬†He is doing so well!! ¬†In fact he has slept in undies the last two nights and has had zero accidents in bed. ¬†We did have a few episodes yesterday though. ¬†We went to some friends house for lunch after church and about halfway through lunch their daughter came downstairs and announced that one of the dogs had pooped in her closet. ¬†Upon further investigation we realized that it was in fact NOT dog poop. ¬†Yep…Buddy pooped in our friends closet. ¬†I would have been mortified…but they have a 3 year old little boy that is potty training too…so they totally got it! ¬†lol.

Let’s see…what else can I tell you? ¬†So far this is a very cool and wet spring for the South. ¬†We have had so much rain and so much flooding. ¬†I’m not crazy about temperatures that are above 100 degrees, but I do wish it would warm up and dry out a bit here! ¬†Have you heard about all the¬†tornadoes? ¬†Alabama and Georgia were hit really hard a month or so ago and Joplin was hit hard last night. ¬†I was watching it live on tv when the tornado went through Alabama and it was just¬†devastating¬†to watch. ¬†I couldn’t even think to pray¬†coherently¬†and all that came out of my mouth was “Jesus have Mercy!” over and over. ¬†I get a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.

I found out this morning that the town where our sister Anne lives has¬†declared¬†a state of emergency. ¬†I don’t know if it was an actual tornado that went through there or just a bad storm but it knocked her apple tree over. ¬†There is something deep down inside of me that really thinks it’s possible that we will see the Lord’s return in our lifetime. ¬†With all the storms, earthquakes and¬†volcano’s¬†erupting lately I wonder if all of this is the earth groaning.

I have been feeling ok lately…I always have issues with my Lyme, but some days are a lot better than others. ¬†Lately I’ve noticed how bad my memory is (Lyme does this). ¬†We were at Hubby’s parents church the other day for a music special when a lady that we were talking to recognized Little Miss Sassy Pants. ¬†She asked if Sassy Pants had been in her vacation bible school class last summer. ¬†I swore up and down that Sassy had never been to VBS and that I wasn’t sure where she recognized her from. ¬†It wasn’t until we were on our way home that I remembered that Sassy HAD gone to VBS! ¬† That poor lady at church must have thought I was NUTS! lol…we had a good laugh over that.

I’ve been reading in 1 Samuel about David’s life lately. ¬†Sometimes I get frustrated that we always seem to have “issues”. ¬†Health issues, money issues etc. ¬†I long for life to be easy and pain free. ¬†But in reading about David I¬†was reminded¬†that his life wan’t easy either! ¬†His brothers were jealous of him and his king (whom he was loyal too) spent years chasing him and trying to kill him because he was jealous of David. ¬†I guess that maybe God doesn’t call us to easy lives. ¬†Food for thought.

How are you and Melly doing?  Are you guys excited about our little family vacation together in June?  I am!!

Ok,¬†brother¬†of mine…I have to get going. ¬†It’s just about time to pick Little Miss Sassy Pants up from school and I’ve got to get Buddy ready to go. ¬†Mostly I have to give him a chance to go potty before we get in the car!



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Dear Dave,

So…this is a new idea! ¬†You are getting ready to deploy again soon. ¬†During your last deployment I was not very good at writing you. ¬†Mostly because I had two kids under the age of 2. ¬†So, while you were in my thoughts and my prayers daily, I know you didn’t hear from me nearly enough. ¬†I’m sorry about that.

This time I’m going to try to write to you several times a week…if not daily. ¬†I guess sometimes the frequency of my letters will depend on how crazy things are around here at home. ¬†I don’t know yet if I’ll have to print out and send all these letters to you or if you will have internet access and will just be able to log on to this blog and catch up on letters when you have time. ¬†I guess we will see how that works out when you get there.

A few ground rules. ¬†Since I’m doing this online I won’t use first names. ¬†I’ll use middle names for most people…I’m sure you can figure those out! ¬†Mom will be Mom, Dad will be Dad or Pops ūüôā ¬†Z. will be Little Miss Sassy Pants, P. will be Buddy and B. will be Hubby. ¬†Your wife will be Melly or Tink ūüėČ

You haven’t actually deployed yet…but that’s ok. ¬†I figured I’d start writing now and when you do get there you’ll have plenty of reading material.

Ok, brother o’mine…that’s it for tonight. ¬†It’s late and the kiddos will be up at the butt crack of dawn no matter how tired I am. ¬†Love you.


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