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spring sickness… Feb. 16, 2012

Yo Bro ūüôā

How are you? ¬†Mom says it’s so cold there that you are wearing 5 layers in bed at night! ¬†Is that true? ¬†If I knitted you something warm (hat, scarf etc) could you wear it there? ¬†I guess you could wear it to bed, huh? ¬†I hear you have a pretty cool bachelor pad set up! ¬†Hubby is jealous…he wants a giant tv.

Poor poor Buddy is sick again this week. ¬†He’s had pneumonia. ¬†On Monday morning we took him to the doctor and they put both kids on antibiotics. ¬†Monday during the day his temp shot up to 104 and I couldn’t get it to stay down. ¬†Cool baths worked short term but his temp would go right back up after he got out. ¬†Finally on Monday evening we took him back in. ¬†Poor kiddo was so so sick. ¬†The dr. said that between that morning (when he was diagnosed with a sinus infection) and that evening he had developed pneumonia. ¬†Thank goodness they had given him the right antibiotic that morning. ¬†It took 5 or 6 doses of alternating tylenol and advil (every 3 hours) to get his fever down to around 100. ¬†He’s also on steroid and albuterol breathing treatments. ¬†Poor little guy has been so so sick. ¬†He’s only got one more day of antibiotics and they’ve finally kicked in! ¬†His temp is normal and he’s doing so much better. ¬†he’s still coughing but I have a feeling that will take a little while to kick. ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants has been sick with the same thing but it didn’t turn into pneumonia for her. ¬†She had to miss Valentines day at school and that was terrible for her.

what else can I tell you? ¬†The dog is not working out. ¬†Sometimes I think he’s too smart for his own good and sometimes I think he’s too dumb. ¬†He started having accidents in the house and we can’t seem to get him potty trained. ¬†First of all he will NOT stay in our fence. ¬†He actually pulls apart the fence, breaking it to get out. ¬†And he does this every.single.time. we let him outside. ¬†He also won’t go potty if someone is out there with him …apparently he needs “alone” time. ¬†So this means instead of going outside he’s been going in the house. ¬†But he’s super sneaky about it!! ¬†He waits until I go to the bathroom or get distracted with one of the kids and then he either runs to the basement or up to the kids room and goes. ¬†So we’ve had to resort to tying him up in the yard even though we have a fence. ¬†AND he still breaks the fence and goes through it while he’s on his tie out!!! ¬†Yesterday he had to be rescued 3 times. ¬†I’m so frustrated with him. ¬†If he’s in the house he has to be in the crate unless I can WATCH him close. ¬†If he’s outside he goes through the fence and constantly has to be rescued. ¬†I love this dog, but he’s not happy, I’m not happy and Hubby is REALLY not happy. ¬†He didn’t want me to bring the dog up here in the first place but he’s been very sweet about not saying “I told you so.”. ¬†So…he’s going back to Arkansas. ¬†Hubby’s dad really likes Sprite and is actually pretty happy to have him coming home. ¬†They told me that he’s their dog now and I couldn’t have him back if we moved to the country somewhere! ¬†lol. ¬†It’s been hard. ¬†I know Sprite can’t be happy. A big 65 lb. dog like him needs to be able to run and be active…he can’t get nearly enough of that here and I think he’ll be much happier on the farm.

Peanut is still a little treasure. ¬†Did you know that when Buddy gets his breathing treatments Peanut comes and sits by him? ¬† While he’s been sick she has spent a lot of time on his lap. ¬†He’s sweet to her and is good at being gentle. ¬†He doesn’t like the dog because he’s so big and clumsy.

It’s been a mild winter here so far! ¬†I told Hubby that it was the Lord being kind to us and breaking us in to the cold slowly! ¬†I still don’t go out a lot, but I will admit that it could have been much much worse!

Ok, I’ll leave you with a few recent pictures…

love you so much.  stay safe!!


poor sick kiddo

breathing treatment

Little Miss Sassy Pants got a haircut (at her request)...

Talented eyebrows...

waiting for cupcakes to finish baking...


nap time

silly kiddos



playing outside on one of the warmer days...

sweet Buddy

petting the furball

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