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spring sickness… Feb. 16, 2012

Yo Bro ūüôā

How are you? ¬†Mom says it’s so cold there that you are wearing 5 layers in bed at night! ¬†Is that true? ¬†If I knitted you something warm (hat, scarf etc) could you wear it there? ¬†I guess you could wear it to bed, huh? ¬†I hear you have a pretty cool bachelor pad set up! ¬†Hubby is jealous…he wants a giant tv.

Poor poor Buddy is sick again this week. ¬†He’s had pneumonia. ¬†On Monday morning we took him to the doctor and they put both kids on antibiotics. ¬†Monday during the day his temp shot up to 104 and I couldn’t get it to stay down. ¬†Cool baths worked short term but his temp would go right back up after he got out. ¬†Finally on Monday evening we took him back in. ¬†Poor kiddo was so so sick. ¬†The dr. said that between that morning (when he was diagnosed with a sinus infection) and that evening he had developed pneumonia. ¬†Thank goodness they had given him the right antibiotic that morning. ¬†It took 5 or 6 doses of alternating tylenol and advil (every 3 hours) to get his fever down to around 100. ¬†He’s also on steroid and albuterol breathing treatments. ¬†Poor little guy has been so so sick. ¬†He’s only got one more day of antibiotics and they’ve finally kicked in! ¬†His temp is normal and he’s doing so much better. ¬†he’s still coughing but I have a feeling that will take a little while to kick. ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants has been sick with the same thing but it didn’t turn into pneumonia for her. ¬†She had to miss Valentines day at school and that was terrible for her.

what else can I tell you? ¬†The dog is not working out. ¬†Sometimes I think he’s too smart for his own good and sometimes I think he’s too dumb. ¬†He started having accidents in the house and we can’t seem to get him potty trained. ¬†First of all he will NOT stay in our fence. ¬†He actually pulls apart the fence, breaking it to get out. ¬†And he does this every.single.time. we let him outside. ¬†He also won’t go potty if someone is out there with him …apparently he needs “alone” time. ¬†So this means instead of going outside he’s been going in the house. ¬†But he’s super sneaky about it!! ¬†He waits until I go to the bathroom or get distracted with one of the kids and then he either runs to the basement or up to the kids room and goes. ¬†So we’ve had to resort to tying him up in the yard even though we have a fence. ¬†AND he still breaks the fence and goes through it while he’s on his tie out!!! ¬†Yesterday he had to be rescued 3 times. ¬†I’m so frustrated with him. ¬†If he’s in the house he has to be in the crate unless I can WATCH him close. ¬†If he’s outside he goes through the fence and constantly has to be rescued. ¬†I love this dog, but he’s not happy, I’m not happy and Hubby is REALLY not happy. ¬†He didn’t want me to bring the dog up here in the first place but he’s been very sweet about not saying “I told you so.”. ¬†So…he’s going back to Arkansas. ¬†Hubby’s dad really likes Sprite and is actually pretty happy to have him coming home. ¬†They told me that he’s their dog now and I couldn’t have him back if we moved to the country somewhere! ¬†lol. ¬†It’s been hard. ¬†I know Sprite can’t be happy. A big 65 lb. dog like him needs to be able to run and be active…he can’t get nearly enough of that here and I think he’ll be much happier on the farm.

Peanut is still a little treasure. ¬†Did you know that when Buddy gets his breathing treatments Peanut comes and sits by him? ¬† While he’s been sick she has spent a lot of time on his lap. ¬†He’s sweet to her and is good at being gentle. ¬†He doesn’t like the dog because he’s so big and clumsy.

It’s been a mild winter here so far! ¬†I told Hubby that it was the Lord being kind to us and breaking us in to the cold slowly! ¬†I still don’t go out a lot, but I will admit that it could have been much much worse!

Ok, I’ll leave you with a few recent pictures…

love you so much.  stay safe!!


poor sick kiddo

breathing treatment

Little Miss Sassy Pants got a haircut (at her request)...

Talented eyebrows...

waiting for cupcakes to finish baking...


nap time

silly kiddos



playing outside on one of the warmer days...

sweet Buddy

petting the furball

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August 19, 2011

Hey Dave,

How are you?  Things are going ok here.  Hubby just got back late last night from his first work trip with his new job.  He seemed to have a good time and I think he really enjoys the people that he works with.  What a blessing that is!

I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I have written to you. ¬†Once again life got kind of busy. ¬†Grandma’s funeral was beautiful. ¬†And sad. ¬†We didn’t let the kids go to the viewing…I’m just not sure that either of them are old enough for that yet. ¬†We did, however, let them go to the¬†graveside¬†for the burial with us. ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants was super sweet. ¬†She sobbed and wailed when she realized that Grandma was being¬†buried¬†and through her sobs she was saying (loudly) “Goodbye Grandma Grothe! ¬†I’ll miss you!!”. ¬†It was pretty heart breaking. ¬†My instinct was to shush her but I decided not to. ¬†Her expression of grief was so heart felt and honest. ¬†Really, if we are honest with ourselves, she was expressing herself and her grief exactly how some of the rest of us wish we could have. ¬†I am tearing up now as I write this, just remembering it.

Little Miss Sassy Pants

Mom and Dad are still down at Grandma’s. ¬†I think they are helping go through all of her stuff. ¬†I haven’t talked to them since the funeral. ¬†Since Hubby was leaving for the week on Monday morning, I packed Buddy and Sassy Pants up in the van and headed out to our sister Anne’s house for the week. ¬†It’s only about a 3 hour drive, which is totally doable! ¬†It would have been awesome, but poor little S. Mae got sick and started throwing up just a few hours after we got there. ¬†I felt so bad for her. ¬†She didn’t get to play with the other kids and you could tell that she felt awful. ¬†I was going to stay until Thursday, but on Wed. me and the kids headed back here. ¬†By then I figured my kids are exposed and we can’t prevent them from catching it, but I do have meds here at “home” and wanted to get back before the¬†possibility¬†of having kids sick and throwing up in the car.

Yesterday and today Buddy is acting like he might be getting it (or at least the fever part). ¬†He didn’t actually have a fever when I checked this morning, but he’s been super crabby and whiny. ¬†That usually is a sign that he’s not feeling good. ¬†So I gave him a bath, gave him some tylenol, cuddled him for awhile and put him down for a nap. ¬†We’ll see how he’s feeling when he wakes up.

my sweet little Buddy

I don’t think I’ve shared pics of Sassy Pants’ birthday yet! ¬†We sort of had a mini party with our sisters Anne and Jean when they were here and then on the eve of her birthday we took her to the Mall of America to ride the rides! ¬†Oh.My.Goodness. did she ever love that.

they do everything together.

on the Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel Fun

she was SO excited when she saw this!

and this!

Little Miss Sassy Pants will readily tell you that the Roller Coaster is her FAVORITE ride! ¬†She’s a little daredevil at heart ūüėÄ ¬†This next picture totally cracks me up…it’s hard to tell, but if you click on it to view the full size pic you might just be able to see the look of total and complete terror on Buddy’s face! ¬†He did NOT like the log ride. ¬†While Sassy, on the other hand, had the time of her life!

terror and delight

birthday girl

I guess that’s about all I have to tell you for now. ¬†My day today will consist of laundry and holding a sick boy. ¬†Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find time to do a load of dishes too ūüôā ¬†We hope to be able to move into our house next week…IF we can get the moving company to bring our stuff by then. ¬†I also have an appointment next week to register Sassy Pants for school. ¬†She’s gonna love it. ¬†Ok, I have a few more pictures that I’ll leave you with. ¬†Love and miss you so much brother. ¬†Stay safe.


little L. Truth. Such a happy baby!

Northern wetlands

Scary Monster!

Peanut snuggles a sick Buddy

brave boy

S. David ūüėÄ

daredevil Sassy Pants


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August 6, 2011 (it’s your nephew’s birthday)


Today family is starting to gather. Aunt B’s kids are coming over…our sister Jean and little L. Truth are on their way here with Dad. ¬†I called Mom this morning and she said that Grandma is the same. ¬†I’m surprised that she is still with us actually, as she hasn’t had anything to eat or drink since like Tuesday night or Wed. morning. ¬†I’ve been praying that Jean would be able to get here to say goodbye to Grandma. ¬†I don’t know if we’ll go down to the nursing home today or not. ¬†I have already said my goodbye’s and I know that it’s hard for the kids to behave properly for very long when we are there. ¬†Of course they’re good…but respecting grief is something they can’t really grasp yet. ¬†Mom said that Grandma’s pastor came today and that he prayed with her and read some scripture to her. ¬†She said that Grandma seems peaceful today.

I don’t think I told you this yet…but the other day when we were visiting and Grandma could still speak a little she was trying to say something to me about you. ¬†She kept saying “beholden to Dave”. ¬†At first I thought she meant Uncle Dave, but when I asked her she said “No, YOUR Dave.” ¬†She meant you. ¬†I think she just wanted you to know that she’s proud of you and she loves you. ¬†We’ve been so blessed to have her and Grandpa as part of our lives. ¬†My only regret is that my kids didn’t have time to really know her.

There isn’t much other news to share with you at this point. ¬†We probably won’t hear until Monday if we got the little rental house that we loved. ¬†I hope we get it!! ¬†I trust that if we don’t get it then God’s got a better plan…we just don’t know what it is yet.

Bringing Peanut with us was such a great idea!! ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants adores her so much…and she is such a SWEET kitten. ¬†She lets Sassy Pants haul her all over the place and she still loves Sassy Pants. ¬†Imagine that! ¬†I was worried that we would regret bringing her instead of Marshmallow Kitty since Marshmallow Kitty is so so sweet. ¬†But it looks like Peanut (or Smarty Pants as I like to call her) is just as sweet…she must have gotten her Mama’s personality ūüôā

Alright brother, I guess that’s about it for now…I need to go shower and get dressed and figure out what we are going to do with our day. ¬†We’ve been thinking about visiting the free zoo and conservatory today but since it’s free I have a feeling it’s going to be packed. ¬†It is nice out though so maybe we can come up with something to do outside with the kids.

Love you,


Little Miss Smarty Pants and me

Here is a link of a video of Buddy playing with Peanut.


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May 30, 2011

Dear Dave,

It’s Memorial Day and you are heavy on my heart and mind today. ¬†I’ve cried a few times thinking about your deployment. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of you. ¬†But I hate knowing that you will be in danger. ¬†I keep reminding myself that the Lord holds you in his hands, and that no matter where you are and what you are doing HE is in charge. ¬†Joshua 1:5 says “…As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” ¬†Pretty comforting, huh?

It’s just been an emotional day in general here. ¬†Two more of the kittens found homes today. ¬†A couple of girls came to get one and fell in love and ended up taking two kittens. ¬†I’m glad…they’ll have a really good home and a sibling for comfort. ¬†But Little Miss Sassy Pants took it really hard. ¬†She’s pretty heartbroken and has been doing a lot of crying. ¬†Thank goodness her favorite kitten, Peanut, is still here. ¬†I don’t know what we will do when Peanut finally finds a home. ¬†It will be a dark day.

sweet little Peanut

It’s also been emotional for us here because today is the day we told Hubby’s family that we are moving back to Colorado. ¬†I sent you a fb message giving you all the details. ¬†We had lunch with his parents and grandparents and after lunch we gave them all the details and told them that we would be moving this summer. ¬†It was hard and emotional for all of us. ¬†The funny thing is that we haven’t sought this out. ¬†If anything we’ve maybe avoided it. ¬†A lot of prayer has gone into this decision and we really feel like this is where God is moving us. ¬†I don’t know why, but I trust that He has a reason. ¬†I’m trusting him to work out the rest of the details like housing and pets and school for Sassy Pants! ¬†Buddy is only 3 still so while we might do preschool it’s not required to get him in right away…he can have more time to settle in.

This last weekend we drove up to Fayetteville to see Hubby’s brother and his wife. ¬†C. and A. just bought a house and we were excited to see it. ¬†We had a great time with them. ¬†A. and I did a little shopping, we grilled out some AMAZING steaks, took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and the kids even flew kites with C. and Hubby. ¬†I felt kinda sorry for you and Melly…out in Paris all by yourselves with no Ribeye’s. ¬†Ok, so maybe I’m a little jealous.

Oh, I know what else I can tell you! ¬†The latest thing that Buddy has eaten is sand…from the sandbox in the back yard. ¬†Oh, and after lunch the kids were playing outside when Sassy came running in the house. ¬†She yelled “Mom!! ¬†I threw up some Watermelon, but I’m ok!” and then ran back outside. ¬†I’m assuming that she ate too much at lunch and then went outside in the 100 degree weather and ran around and made herself hot and sick. ¬†She seemed ok so I let her keep playing. ¬†Lol, life is never dull around here.

I guess that’s about it for today…it’s been a really emotional day here and I’m really tired. ¬†I love you. ¬†I miss you. ¬†Give Melly a big hug for me.




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May 23, 2011

Dear Dave,

Well, it’s Monday morning. ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants is at school and right now Buddy and I are drinking our morning coffee and watching cartoons. ¬†The big news for today is that one of our four kitty babies is getting a new home. ¬†Little Beans is going to be the birthday present for a 13 year old girl…her mother is coming to pick her up this afternoon. ¬†I am a little worried about Sassy Pants. ¬†She’s already had one good crying jag over Beans and I’m afraid there will be lots of tears and sadness today.

Have I told you that we are potty training Buddy? ¬†He is doing so well!! ¬†In fact he has slept in undies the last two nights and has had zero accidents in bed. ¬†We did have a few episodes yesterday though. ¬†We went to some friends house for lunch after church and about halfway through lunch their daughter came downstairs and announced that one of the dogs had pooped in her closet. ¬†Upon further investigation we realized that it was in fact NOT dog poop. ¬†Yep…Buddy pooped in our friends closet. ¬†I would have been mortified…but they have a 3 year old little boy that is potty training too…so they totally got it! ¬†lol.

Let’s see…what else can I tell you? ¬†So far this is a very cool and wet spring for the South. ¬†We have had so much rain and so much flooding. ¬†I’m not crazy about temperatures that are above 100 degrees, but I do wish it would warm up and dry out a bit here! ¬†Have you heard about all the¬†tornadoes? ¬†Alabama and Georgia were hit really hard a month or so ago and Joplin was hit hard last night. ¬†I was watching it live on tv when the tornado went through Alabama and it was just¬†devastating¬†to watch. ¬†I couldn’t even think to pray¬†coherently¬†and all that came out of my mouth was “Jesus have Mercy!” over and over. ¬†I get a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.

I found out this morning that the town where our sister Anne lives has¬†declared¬†a state of emergency. ¬†I don’t know if it was an actual tornado that went through there or just a bad storm but it knocked her apple tree over. ¬†There is something deep down inside of me that really thinks it’s possible that we will see the Lord’s return in our lifetime. ¬†With all the storms, earthquakes and¬†volcano’s¬†erupting lately I wonder if all of this is the earth groaning.

I have been feeling ok lately…I always have issues with my Lyme, but some days are a lot better than others. ¬†Lately I’ve noticed how bad my memory is (Lyme does this). ¬†We were at Hubby’s parents church the other day for a music special when a lady that we were talking to recognized Little Miss Sassy Pants. ¬†She asked if Sassy Pants had been in her vacation bible school class last summer. ¬†I swore up and down that Sassy had never been to VBS and that I wasn’t sure where she recognized her from. ¬†It wasn’t until we were on our way home that I remembered that Sassy HAD gone to VBS! ¬† That poor lady at church must have thought I was NUTS! lol…we had a good laugh over that.

I’ve been reading in 1 Samuel about David’s life lately. ¬†Sometimes I get frustrated that we always seem to have “issues”. ¬†Health issues, money issues etc. ¬†I long for life to be easy and pain free. ¬†But in reading about David I¬†was reminded¬†that his life wan’t easy either! ¬†His brothers were jealous of him and his king (whom he was loyal too) spent years chasing him and trying to kill him because he was jealous of David. ¬†I guess that maybe God doesn’t call us to easy lives. ¬†Food for thought.

How are you and Melly doing?  Are you guys excited about our little family vacation together in June?  I am!!

Ok,¬†brother¬†of mine…I have to get going. ¬†It’s just about time to pick Little Miss Sassy Pants up from school and I’ve got to get Buddy ready to go. ¬†Mostly I have to give him a chance to go potty before we get in the car!



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