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spring sickness… Feb. 16, 2012

Yo Bro ūüôā

How are you? ¬†Mom says it’s so cold there that you are wearing 5 layers in bed at night! ¬†Is that true? ¬†If I knitted you something warm (hat, scarf etc) could you wear it there? ¬†I guess you could wear it to bed, huh? ¬†I hear you have a pretty cool bachelor pad set up! ¬†Hubby is jealous…he wants a giant tv.

Poor poor Buddy is sick again this week. ¬†He’s had pneumonia. ¬†On Monday morning we took him to the doctor and they put both kids on antibiotics. ¬†Monday during the day his temp shot up to 104 and I couldn’t get it to stay down. ¬†Cool baths worked short term but his temp would go right back up after he got out. ¬†Finally on Monday evening we took him back in. ¬†Poor kiddo was so so sick. ¬†The dr. said that between that morning (when he was diagnosed with a sinus infection) and that evening he had developed pneumonia. ¬†Thank goodness they had given him the right antibiotic that morning. ¬†It took 5 or 6 doses of alternating tylenol and advil (every 3 hours) to get his fever down to around 100. ¬†He’s also on steroid and albuterol breathing treatments. ¬†Poor little guy has been so so sick. ¬†He’s only got one more day of antibiotics and they’ve finally kicked in! ¬†His temp is normal and he’s doing so much better. ¬†he’s still coughing but I have a feeling that will take a little while to kick. ¬†Little Miss Sassy Pants has been sick with the same thing but it didn’t turn into pneumonia for her. ¬†She had to miss Valentines day at school and that was terrible for her.

what else can I tell you? ¬†The dog is not working out. ¬†Sometimes I think he’s too smart for his own good and sometimes I think he’s too dumb. ¬†He started having accidents in the house and we can’t seem to get him potty trained. ¬†First of all he will NOT stay in our fence. ¬†He actually pulls apart the fence, breaking it to get out. ¬†And he does this every.single.time. we let him outside. ¬†He also won’t go potty if someone is out there with him …apparently he needs “alone” time. ¬†So this means instead of going outside he’s been going in the house. ¬†But he’s super sneaky about it!! ¬†He waits until I go to the bathroom or get distracted with one of the kids and then he either runs to the basement or up to the kids room and goes. ¬†So we’ve had to resort to tying him up in the yard even though we have a fence. ¬†AND he still breaks the fence and goes through it while he’s on his tie out!!! ¬†Yesterday he had to be rescued 3 times. ¬†I’m so frustrated with him. ¬†If he’s in the house he has to be in the crate unless I can WATCH him close. ¬†If he’s outside he goes through the fence and constantly has to be rescued. ¬†I love this dog, but he’s not happy, I’m not happy and Hubby is REALLY not happy. ¬†He didn’t want me to bring the dog up here in the first place but he’s been very sweet about not saying “I told you so.”. ¬†So…he’s going back to Arkansas. ¬†Hubby’s dad really likes Sprite and is actually pretty happy to have him coming home. ¬†They told me that he’s their dog now and I couldn’t have him back if we moved to the country somewhere! ¬†lol. ¬†It’s been hard. ¬†I know Sprite can’t be happy. A big 65 lb. dog like him needs to be able to run and be active…he can’t get nearly enough of that here and I think he’ll be much happier on the farm.

Peanut is still a little treasure. ¬†Did you know that when Buddy gets his breathing treatments Peanut comes and sits by him? ¬† While he’s been sick she has spent a lot of time on his lap. ¬†He’s sweet to her and is good at being gentle. ¬†He doesn’t like the dog because he’s so big and clumsy.

It’s been a mild winter here so far! ¬†I told Hubby that it was the Lord being kind to us and breaking us in to the cold slowly! ¬†I still don’t go out a lot, but I will admit that it could have been much much worse!

Ok, I’ll leave you with a few recent pictures…

love you so much.  stay safe!!


poor sick kiddo

breathing treatment

Little Miss Sassy Pants got a haircut (at her request)...

Talented eyebrows...

waiting for cupcakes to finish baking...


nap time

silly kiddos



playing outside on one of the warmer days...

sweet Buddy

petting the furball

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October 3, 2011

Dear Dave,

Well, today I am home with two sick kids. ¬†Yesterday (Sunday) both kids came down with fevers and colds. ¬†I’m keeping Little Miss Sassy Pants home from school today…and she’s not real happy about that. ¬†Their fevers are not real high but they’re both coughing and complaining of headaches so I figured we shouldn’t pass it on to every other kid at school.

poor sick Buddy

Peanut snuggling with a sick Sassy Pants.

Hubby worked so hard yesterday! ¬†The basement has been our sort of collect all place. ¬†All the unpacked boxes, as well as stuff that we didn’t have a place for has just sort of been collecting down there…and it was a huge mess! ¬†Well, Mom and Dad are coming sometime this month to visit and we really have been needing to get the basement set up so that they can stay down there. ¬†I wish I had taken a before picture because then you would have been truly impressed….but to be perfectly honest I didn’t realize he was cleaning until he was about halfway done!

The living room side of the basement

The guest room side of the basement.

oh, I forgot that there are a lot of pictures I hadn’t shared with you yet! ¬†I finally uploaded Buddy’s soccer pictures. ¬†I also uploaded our pictures from the Renaissance Festival! ¬†The kids did the Bungee Bouncing and even got to ride an elephant ūüôā

Handsome little soccer player


of course Little Miss Sassy Pants loved the animals

Riding the Elephant (with some friends)!

Turning in his ticket for the Bungee Bouncing...


Sassy Pants LOVED it!!

so high!!

sweet Buddy

just a bonus picture of Peanut

handsome little boy

Turkey leg!!

ok brother…the sick kiddos are getting whiny and fussy so I’ve got to run. ¬†I know this wasn’t a long letter but I did want to get these pictures up for you to see. ¬†I am praying for you and missing you. ¬†Love you much.



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